When was the Cerny System created?

Since 1997, The Cerny Systemâ„¢ has successfully
treated scoliosis, slowing the condition's side effects
and stopping the discomfort it causes.

Who is the Cerny System for?

The Cerny System treats clients of all ages with
varying degrees of asymmetry and various treatment
histories. None of Jana Cerny's clients have had an
increase in curvature while practicing the method.
Most of her clients have dramatically decreased
their curvatures and alleviated accompanying pain--
an outcome the Western medical model of scoliosis
management has typically and incorrectly ruled impossible.

Who created the Cerny System?

Jana has extensive training in Pilates, yoga, dance,
body release techniques, and other bodywork systems. 
A unique, whole body-and-mind approach to scoliosis
management, the Cerny System draws on these
disciplines to empower students to reduce their pain
on any given day. The method is grounded in sound
anatomical principles and tailored to each student's
needs, balancing and stabilizing his or her alignment
by strengthening and stretching relevant muscles, joints
and organs. The system also focuses on overcoming
any limiting and destructive mental habits that can be
obstacles to a student realizing his or her full physical potential.

Initially, Jana developed the system to manage her
own scoliosis after the year of her teens that she spent
in a brace failed to help her condition. Her dramatic
success in using the system post-puberty to reduce her
discomfort and curvatures (by half the measured highs)
inspired her to formalize the method to help others
achieve some of the same relief and sense of possibility
that she now enjoys.