An Innovative Approach to Scoliosis Management

The Cerny System beginner’s DVD is a starting point to learn about your body and how to work with your scoliotic curves.

Jana Cerny has been teaching countless students with scoliosis since 1997; her students range in age, level of curves, types of treatment received and gender.   Her approach is unique, systematic, no nonsense, non-alarmist, educational and practical.  This DVD presents a simple synthesis of the most basic lessons and movements that will empower and enable an individual with scoliosis to directly improve their daily lives, knowledge, strength and balance immediately.The video has three sequences all of different time lengths.  The sequences are organized to create different affects on the body as well as giving the individual the ability to practice for shorter periods of time after they are seasoned.

This body of work is unique in its approach to training the whole body, (re)integrating the self and treating scoliosis as an evolving and functional component of one’s physical experience.

Pilates for Scoliosis DVD

The Cerny System Beginner's DVD